Actor 5-8 : Isabelle Done!

For the news! Yanfly recreated state animations! Now we can see what’s up and all that instead of relying on super limited Icon Display.  Kread-Ex created a Sneeze script and is finally back? We missed youuu ~ While Yami released his slot battle thingy, it’s kinda weird~

So here’s my X-mas gift for everyone!

Enterbrain, your design for Isabelle surprised me that I had to do something about her lower half.


13 thoughts on “Actor 5-8 : Isabelle Done!

  1. I wasn’t away… just addicted to my PS3 for a while. Anyway, it’s hard to see with her sprite but Isabelle is pretty sexy. Great work as always.

      1. My addiction is not over yet >_>
        Because of Disgaea 4 now. Can’t stop before reaching the stat cap…

        Oh by the way, I’m really curious about what you will do for Alice. Her face graphic is cute… O_O

  2. I think Alice(purple-haired girl with white headdress) is supposed to be the White Mage/Priest as according to the data in the trial, she is meant to have a mace like Gloria in XP. Anyways, Isabelle kind of looks evil here but she’s most likely the true mage. Your work really matches the RTP well. I’m quite curious about Prince Noah who surprised me once I found out he was most likely the gun user and he is pretty much the same class as Isabelle would be based on being next to her. I kind of imagined Isabelle to be the rebellious, tsundere type anyways.

    1. Checking the full version now,

      Eric – Axe
      Natalie – Cestus
      Terrence – Spear
      Ernest – Sword
      Ryoma – Katana
      Brenda – Bow
      Rick – Double Knives
      Alice – Mace
      Isabelle – Staff
      Noah – Staff

      I’m not really following the RTP specifics though since I’m following it for what I need in Princess Princess :)

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