Another X-mas Gift for All~

For the news~ I always wanted to do Equipment Change in battle. Good thing Yanfly made one! Nice job as always! POMF =3
Kread also made an awesome script this holiday season~ DEVOUR.

So, we’re all complaining about how the new VXAce RTP ONLY has TWO, not eight, but TWO NEW ACTOR SETS?

Fret not my fellow VXAce users, I have discovered just now as soon as I woke up from a christmasish disaster, that I can make the VX RTP fit the VXAce RTP without even having to redraw them or recolor them whatsoever! Don’t believe me? Here you go!

I will also test the battlers for you guys, but I hope you guys will enjoy this! I will be uploading them soon enough~
Here’s also a test for the battlers!

Please also check the new Terms of Use since I added two vital new things to it that will be in your best interest~

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