For the news~

Holder created an animated battler based on my version of Elicia! It is really nice to look at~ Go check it out :D

The next news~ Yami creates a script that allows inverted targetingRamiro creates an Input script for those who want to use Gamepads, mouse to full keyboard! It will help those who are into custom CMS/CBS/whatever :D

Yanfly creates Ace Item Menu~ I like how it has image support! I will use it when we’re done with PP~!

And now, for our Guest of Honor, the VX Hero himself, Ralph the Cannibal! I did the liberty of making his armor different to match his battler. So expect that the bust shot will be modified as well~

Real Men like Pink!

9 thoughts on “Ralph? Ralph! RAAAALLLLPPPHHH!!!!

  1. That face… looks like he’s enjoying himself a bit too much there… Also is that a Keyblade he’s wielding?

  2. He looks so masculine ( ? )
    Ok, Now Ralph can stand as Ernest’s older brother…
    Talking about the drawing, its only one thing: AWESOME! I love your works.

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