Update Again!

And here we go~

Yanfly created Input Combo Skills or known as the mighty Deathblow from Xenogears! One of my favorite games of all time! Good job Yanfly~ I was hoping to see it in VXAce and you totally did it! He also created a nice article about Layouts. A must read if you want to design your GUIs for your games. This might be outdated, but Victor’s Automatic Battlers is really helpful for enemy AI! No more dumb enemies like buffing an already buffed target, trying to poison an already poisoned target, healing a fully healed ally or really other dumb things. This is a script I’d kill for, haha.

Have a Ralph! He’s really one of my most favorite RTP designs. I just had to change his armor into something cooler XD

Now if only people would stop killing me in their games!

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