VX-VXAce Conversion Fix

Firstly, Kread-Ex made a morphing script! It should be helpful for people that likes to morph into enemies or learn their skills! Yanfly made a lot of stuff and one of them is LDP-Gemini! It also has some long talk about Tankentai VXAce it seems? Oh well. Ramiro also updated his Battle System. It kinda reminds me of Melody when it comes to tagging :) Yami also started an ATB script where you can modify its values as well! I actually have a battle system in mind and with this I might be able to do it. But alas I can’t really script.

TDS brought to my attention that VXAce uses black outlines and after zooming in and Yanfly confirming it, I just had to say, “oh shit”

So now, I have redone Bennett’s outline. Of course, this made me redo my VX-VXAce converted busts too. Sadly, I’m not done with them yet. It didn’t took long, but the alpha transparency missing in SAI and me having to fix it in photoshop just in case I missed some is getting annoying. Sorry for the delay!

Enjoy Benett for the time being :D

This better be the last time I get edited

Princess Princess V6 Preview

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