Double Update

EDIT: Everything should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Apparently there’s some conversion error from SAI -> Photoshop with Isabelle and possibly, Rick. I’m going to have to reupload the rar files but the preview images will have to remain the same. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m exhausted :(

Here’s the news! Yanfly made State Animations and would be really helpful to know who has a state animation and whatnot. And Ramiro is working on a LMBS. I remember I attempted this with Advent Cirno but due to team issues it didn’t go far. BUT, one of the greatest motivations an artist can ever have is to have a scripter that is willing to work on it! It’s just too bad it didn’t go far. I’m looking forward for the final product! Yami on the other hand heard my prayers and is working on a  CTB! Oh my gosh I can’t wait for it Yami ;-; Ruka wrote some awesome Katawa Shoujo reviews as seen here. And I agree with most of them, but I like Emi even just a shred so there’s that. I thought Katawa Shoujo was one of the most well written Visual Novels out there and by the English Makers no less! Evil Eagles posted some XP Battlebacks. Be sure to have the XP license!

Now that’s out there, here’s the update, if there are doubles in their material page, I apologize.

7 thoughts on “Double Update

  1. Hehehe,I love when you say “If i were an scripter”
    xD I’m saying “if I could draw I would already made a game by myself” xD funny, isn’t it?
    By the way, did I say you that you are awesome ? :P

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