Naia is not a kid!

RPGMaker News!

And now the update for today is no other than Naia! (or Actor 4-6 for the purists XD ).
She’s really shy right now but I hope you enjoy!


Princess Princess News!

  • Only two more maps to go for chapter 1! I love you Indrah for working on them ;v;
  • Penta has been really nice enough to save me from graphical hell! She helped me with some sprites for some scenes! One of them is this! Unfortunately the best ones can’t be shown since they’re major spoilers :(

  • Liberty helped me too! I just can’t post her sprite stuffs because it’s spoilerific!
  • I also made a Naia alternate outfit that fits her Cut-In!

  • Updated the database again with one of the most painful skills to use…I hope <_<;


8 thoughts on “Naia is not a kid!

  1. Yay, glad Princess Princess is coming along nicely. Can’t wait to hear more jokes on whether Sairen is a girl or a guy. Man I’m laughing just from remembering the ones in the trail version.

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