Slow Progress is Slow

I had been hard at work and it doesn’t help that wordpress refuses to show the text on this box. Oh well orz. I’ve been…sick. And it’s not going even tho I was on bed for like a week straight. So anyway, since it’s obviously in love with me and refuses to go, I have no choice but to trudge on or I’ll fail this last semester from 2011, wahahaha. Here’s what I’ve been working on and stuff, I guess enjoy?

It’s really that guy from the VX cover art. Since he doesn’t have a name and I’m pretty sure everyone has different names for him, I dub thee Syrn, Princess Princess’s jerk optional boss. I can’t post it in the materials section right now because my internet is slow, but I’ll be uploading with all four heroes from the VXAce cover. The belt isn’t centered since I thought it being more on the side looked cooler Wahahaha…

8 thoughts on “Slow Progress is Slow

  1. Higher priorities first. I think I’m failing this sem too but if I’d study harder than hard, nothing will change anyway. So I suggest, balance priorities and… do your art stuff on weekends!

    …All four heroes from the ACE cover!? I’ll be looking forward to them. *eargasm*

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