About the distribution of the resources…

I found out that some people would zip/rar/.7z or something the resources I post here and post them somewhere without giving me credit or going against my terms of use (aka no permission.)

I’m a very easy person to talk to and I probably wouldn’t mind if you compiled them into one huge rar file, I can always post it here for others to get them easily as well. The only reason I separate them is because of:

1.) My net is terrible

2.) What if people only want some specific people?

3.) It’s easier to manage and edit that way when I make a mistake, like Elicia.

So please, if you just have this feel to distribute the resources in one huge file for the others can easily take, comment here and I will add them as a material download. But they won’t get updated if I update the others. I just …I just don’t know why nobody would talk to me about stuff like these.

9 thoughts on “About the distribution of the resources…

  1. It’s because some people are lazy and/or don’t care. Talking to you about it would probably take too much extra time for them. Or maybe they want to be credited for compiling all the stuff you make into one download? It’s hard to tell.

    There will always be an handful of rotten people in a crowd of (mostly) good ones.

  2. Same old story as ever… People just get the stuff they like and use/post/rape/whatever it. As much as it can get to the nervs of anyone, I think it’s actually a sign of your work being popular. So well, just trying to see the bright side. Anyway I hope people read your post and do more of the right thing!

  3. It’s because they want to be as awesome as you. They’re jealous of your skills and so they rage and thieve all of your stuff.

    …And then people laugh at them, because other people know it’s your resources and call them out on their thiefbuggery.

  4. Oh, and also, I’m calling now. “Thiefbuggery” should so be a real word. It’s goddamn awesome distilled into textual form. You’re welcome to use it in Porcupine, Ness.

    Just credit me, of course. XD

      1. Wow, I was just kidding, but if you actually do that I will probably die from overflow of both awesomeness and extreme nerdism. That would actually be a great moment for me…

        Which is kinda sad, now that I think about it.

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