Recoloring under progress~

I finally finished all the CGs I need to do for Porcupine Princess *rolls on the ground*
So I went ahead and recolored some so just in case I need to work on ~Special NPCs~ I can just add emotions. (or I can bug Penta *shot*)

But I figured since I have a lot done anyway (all of actor 1-2 is done, I just didn’t upload all of them yet for obvious reasons) and that some might be getting impatient with my slowness, here’s some preview ~

I had to fix Bennett’s colors…again…to fit Natalie’s and Ralph’s colors with his original armor on.

14 thoughts on “Recoloring under progress~

      1. Just in case anyway, they’re included in the omake pack of VXA. This is when you buy the JP version and downloaded the omake or preordered the English Version of VXA. So you can use these if you have a legal VXA license :)

      2. I pre-ordered Vx ace, I hope they will be included. By the way, I love how you used the big faceset in your dialog box. How did you maker it ?

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