The other day, I got Fate/Zero OST and popped it in to finish all the CGs for Porcupine Princess. But I thought it probably wasn’t in youtube yet so I held back. I checked again today and here is my favorite track aside from Let the Stars Fall Down. This was the awesome background music used to summon the servants~

And now for the real updates!

Sorry guys, it’s really late at night here (1:32 am baby X’D) and I’m too tired to check the other blogs! But here’s the real deal~

I had to edit out her hand and make her hair…full but otherwise, her expressions can be easily copy pasted on the default VXA bust shot~ Enjoy!

Edit: Oops, sorry guys, I forgot to update the material page with her on it. It should be fixed now, orz

12 thoughts on “Natalie~

  1. I got Fate/Zero OST too! My favorite is “the battle is to the strong”, the one played during the Kiritsugu/Kayneth battle and when Berserker humiliates Gil (I’m in love with both Berserker and Kariya lol). But Point Zero is my second favorite.

  2. Every time I see her, I felt that something is wrong. Now I realize that it had to do with the shadow of her breast and cloth on her left arm.

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