9 thoughts on “Elicia Battler

  1. Ey, it looks awesome! Do you have a high resolution image? I mean, from when you were making it, I’d like to take a look on that, as I’m currently learning how to color digitally without making a big mess.

      1. Auch! Putting that level of detail in such a small sprite must be hard. I usually color my pictures on huge resolution, then scale’em down. Hope some time we get to see part of the process of drawing them!

  2. Just think though, Nessy has plans to basically do this and more for the entire RTP.
    Enterbrain should just hire her to do the RTP for all their makers as standard. That would be awesomesauce. The glowy effect reminds me of all the bonus stuff where you get alt-battlers that have glows and all that.

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