Naia and Remius Battlers

Good Luck Soldier

As a commemoration for my sister’s birthday (April 7) I decided to finish the battler for her favorite character, Naia~

And this time here, have a Remius

5 thoughts on “Naia and Remius Battlers

  1. I can see that your sister was born in the same day as I…(But my favourite character is Alice xD)
    Happy birthsday to your sister~~ (In Chile is 7/April, 11:53am)
    The screen looks so powerfull…I feel that I’m going to die in any moment.
    You are not going to make an “Without Aura” Remius and Elicia?
    Great work as always!

    1. Remius has a no Aura version posted on his page. Elicia stays like that though <:3c I mean I have a no aura version of her it just doesn't feel awesome XD

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