Earth Guardian Fiona

Earth Guardian Fiona

Oh hey 8’D
I’m too tired and I haven’t finished her emotions yet, but I thought you guys might be interested. I didn’t like her “original” (Spiritual 4) and it didn’t fit the Awesome VXAce Battler of hers, so I had to make a new one :D

13 thoughts on “Earth Guardian Fiona

  1. Goddamn amazing. Once your done with your entire plan, I swear to god, everyone may as well just scrap the RTP as much as they can and replace them with all of your stuff. Amazes me every time.

    However, my OCD is telling me to tell you that according to both the charset and the new Ace battler, the curtains are supposed to match the windows. For calrification, that means the eyes and hair are the same colour. In this case, green.

    …Please don’t beat me, Ness. I’m only trying to help!

    1. Ahh the reason why I left her eyes blue are actually related to the story. HOWEVER, you are right. I should make the alt version that totally matches the battler :D

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