New Layout~

I was getting tired of the old theme, I mean it was nice and compact but yeah! Hopefully this is easier to navigate since before, people would be confused on how to navigate the menus for some reason. I’ll also update the material page to banners format probably so you guys can just clicky and see which ones are uploaded. Something like that. I’ll get on to it sometime.

Kinda like this:

I wanted to change the background too but I have to upgrade my wordpress to pro so I can change font colors globally. I am disappointed and I don’t have any money :(

And to not make this post useless, have a video~

13 thoughts on “New Layout~

  1. Well, is kinda dissapointing that you can’t purchase a premium blog.
    Yes, the interface is more versatile and don’t harm my eyes when is dark in my room xD.
    With the game..There is not battle music start, not battle end sound?
    By the way, good work, what I saw is not found in any spanish community with RPGVX/ACE and is really impressive, I just want to play it, Do you have a demo already?
    (Sorry if isn’t understable…Spanish talker)

    1. I’m glad that the new layout doesn’t harm your eyes during the night anymore! I was having the exact same problem haha.

      For the game, there is a music start but I kinda cut it off from the video. There is no battle end sound though. Thank you very much! I’m glad that you found it nice. The game isn’t out yet, but it’s going to be full when it’s out. Please look forward to it! It should be released in this month.

      I understand your English, if you want add Spanish next time? I’m Filipino so I might be able to understand some of it.

      1. Ah, si? entiendes algo de español? Excelente :D!
        Anyway…I think that I’m going to keep writing in english for…errr…practice

  2. Having the item count in the skill description is a very nice idea. I think I’m going to steal that. :P

  3. Is… is that a normal “Ernest” Sairen I see in that video there? Hmmmmm, just what are you up to, Ness?

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