Princess Princess Episode 1.5

Trial Version:
It is highly recommended to play this version first!
Or you can watch Nicob’s Let’s Play of Princess Princess over here!

Princess Princess Episode 1.5 Download


Or formerly known as Princess Princess V6. There were some change in plans on how the final project would look/start etc. So this defunct chapter is not usable anymore but it’s still plot important.

So here you go! I still recommend you play the original PrinPrin then play this. Since you know, connected and all or some things won’t make sense at all. There’s also some freebies for defeating the final boss of the game that can be used for your game projects. Will you reign supreme?!

If you need any hints/tips/got stuck, please read over here!

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15 thoughts on “Princess Princess Episode 1.5

  1. Oh, hey cool! New PrinPrin. I think I’ll be having that! And finally we can get those materials that they’re only available from the sample game! Huzzah! Now people have another awesome incentive not to engage in thiefbuggery and steal your great resources… by playing this awesome game!

      1. Damn! When are we going to get those?! My loins burn for more Sairen!

  2. I keep getting an RGss3 error while trying to play ; ;
    The name of the error box is “Protection Error”
    and the info it gives me is “Error 103”

    1. What the-? I heard that the only way to fix that is to reinstall your maker and restart the pc because you fiddled around with the program. Another one would be is that, go to the game’s folder and check System, there should be two dlls there, correct? Try deleting one of the dlls and tell me if it works?

      1. If I delete the older dll file I still get the error, and if I delete the newer one it won’t even start. I can try to uninstall and reinstall tomorrow (need sleep before work today xD; ) I haven’t really tried any projects with Ace yet so I won’t be missing anything.

  3. @Archia: Yes, I am. And boo, that doesn’t bode well for me. Well…I could play it on my laptop at least.

      1. Gah, leave it to me to forget to check back forever with beginning of summer family stuff piling up @_@;

        But yes, it did work! Was able to play through several demos with no error–thanks for the help!

        Time for me to wrap up my VX game and crack the knuckles for Ace finally~

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