Emily Video Process

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Ar Tonelico Loki
Atelier Ayesha Battle

Length: 2 hours and 11 minutes (33 minutes ish for video)
Still incomplete since I have to draw some effects, etc. But it shows how I color, hopefully.
Done in a livestream session.

Tools used: Paint Tool Sai, Brush and Pen Tool. Nothing else.

Total Amount of Layers: 69

8 thoughts on “Emily Video Process

  1. *Evil laught*
    Finally! Finaaaalyyyyy!!!
    Ok, jokes apart, I was waiting for this. I allways liked that shading style, and found myself unable to replicate it, so this video is teaching me a couple of tricks!
    Thanks for sharing your ways, the result is fantastic!

  2. impressive, how many time do you took to finish it?
    I love the work you make, and I saw every minute of the minute without a problem. I think I learned something about coloring and shading today.
    Waiting for the next part xP.
    Have a nce day~

  3. Oh fantastic! Impressive and this will help me greatly, I was using the line tool in sai and made adjustments that way even to build the basic look.
    I can see the sketch on the lower layer, can I ask is that rough or do you have the final lines pretty much marked out there?

    Could I be a pain in the arse and ask if you could let me know your Brush and Pen Tool settings please?

      1. I guess it may just be picky me, I could have actually been looking into it a bit too much. I’ve actually been drawing next to the original with different tip settings and line thickness – min/max stroke settings.

        I suppose practice practice :D

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