Aluxes Part 1

Here’s just some of the ways to make your own RTP portrait. This is part 1 and I haven’t finished coloring yet since it was like 2 am =w=)~
If anyone has further questions, tell me!

Livestream session.
Overall Time: 2 hrs and 11 minutes
Paint Tool SAI.
If you want the Photoshop equivalent of the tools used:
Hard Brush, Soft Brush, Hard Round Brush for Eraser

Denny Schneidemesser
Butterfly Tea
SoundTEMP (Ragnarok Online)

6 thoughts on “Aluxes Part 1

    1. I’m not the artist but I can tell you they’re using Paint Tool Sai (which is great for making lines.)

  1. What do you consider to be the best pixel WxL size for RPGMakerAce when it comes to bust sizes?

    And what is your best recommendation to be sure that head sizes don’t very too wildly? (Too big, too small) My plan would be to use the same sized circle as a base but I wanted to ask to see if you had another method that you use.

    1. It depends on your preference, really. Like I just triple (800) the size of a bust shot and just draw over it for reference. Some just prefer double the size (so it’s like around 540 ish).

      To be honest for head sizes, I just grab the nearest RTP that has the anatomy I wanted and lay it on the most bottom layer with very low opacity just for reference.

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