Slowly Trudging On!

I haven’t been able to work much but I worked together with Scinaya to help me finish Emily’s portrait. She did the base colors and I edited them a bit to suit the game’s atmosphere. Thank you ‘hun~ :)

For those who wants to see~

In-game Shot:

6 thoughts on “Slowly Trudging On!

  1. That name box coming from the left side of the screen, behind the bust picture, is really cool! I wish I could do that!
    Checked your Emotion Manipulation Magic tutorial, but it seems like this detail was missing there :(

    Also, I absolutely adore your art. PaintTool SAI is the software you use, right?

    1. I double posted by accident. I thought the first message didn’t work because I had ScriptBlock turned on, so I turned it off, then wrote it again from what I could remember, and alas, the first message was there this time.

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