Doppelganger Game


She was just like me, in many ways:
She looked like me, she sounds like me, acts like me.
We like the same things, hate the same things.
Same family issues, same memories, same feelings.

Same name.

Last minute NaGaDeMo submission by Rhyme and Archeia_Nessiah
Made in 4 days-ish (or less)



One thought on “Doppelganger Game

  1. Woah! Just took a look at the images (not only the ones in this post) and the art looks awesome. Specially the backgrounds, I love those.
    Didn’t play the demo, though. I’ll wait for the final version, to see it and enjoy it on all its fullness (if that word does even exist)

    Damn I need to learn to draw backgrounds -.-

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