Dem Windows and Dem Zs

So you might be wondering that whenever you use the things said in this blog, it turns to this:


But fret not! I asked a friend of mine (TDS) to help me figure out some things and the like (aka please make this for me~). I was also testing the Rearrange Window from one of my scripts and so on and I faced this problem <_<

Aww man…

So in order to save ourselves from the headache and I asked him one more question and it turned like this!


I hope this is what everyone wanted? I’ll be making a new page soon. But I thought I’ll show this off since it’s a life saver even for me. TDS is running through some convenient stuff for all of us and we have to finalize some things. Hopefully, I can post it soon. ;w;

7 thoughts on “Dem Windows and Dem Zs

  1. Hello! I am having trouble with this ._. And I think its because i dont have the Rearrange Window Script. Could you give us a link for it, if available?

    Thank you!

      1. Damn then I was right and trying to make it work. My portrait still stays behind the message window and text isnt alligned well >.<

  2. Thank you very much Archeia, that was the missing link, dumb of me :D. Congratulations for the great job and lots of thanks for the help!

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