Kickstarter Project Support!

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for everyone’s help to support a creative project from a friend of mine. It’s called Rainbow Nightmare Libra, which can be seen here:

While the art could be love and hate, I seriously think that he needs all the support he can get! Right now he’s using a very limited engine (like 256 colors, 320×240 resolution, 4 frames max) and that’s why he needs help to make his game better!

I am actually a huge fan of this game since Gaming World days! It’s sad that I can’t describe it because of my hazy memory and lack of words. But if I have to sum it up, it’s an action paced RPG. Like remember the times with ff7/ff8 being awesomely action packed and how you just felt engage to the storyline and the world? That’s the same thing I felt from Rainbow Nightmare. The creator really puts a lot of effort in his storyboard and presentation. It’s definitely more on the atmospheric side where a screenshot or video can’t convey its feelings.

Please help him! Even a dollar counts!

But in case anyone wants to have more incentive to support his projects, I will make pixel icons or sketches depending on how much you donated! Here are some sample sketches, please note that the quality won’t be so amazing sauce since it’s not a commission, but if I like your character enough, I’ll be definitely putting a lot of effort in it ;u;

Thank you!

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