Updated Materials and New Things

I accidentally posted a page earlier as a post, so uh, sorry about that! Now for the the important news~

  • I updated the Material pages.  Each section also has a summary of what’s inside the pages. ANY clickable links should have underlines. Technically, that should be automatic, but my new blog theme disabled that and I can’t edit the CSS/HTML without a WordPress pro, so oy vey.
  • There’s now a tiles section. I never thought I’d do it but…it’s there. I also added some diagonal stairs there if you ever need them. I suggest waiting on Neonblack’s Terrain Demo because it’s awesome and the sole reason why I made those haha.
  • I might update the pages in the near future with new things. If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback, or whatsoever, drop a line here C:

One thought on “Updated Materials and New Things

  1. I log on to my blog for two seconds before a nap and see quite a few more blog views than I expected. Looks like this is the cause. Anyway, yeah, I’ll have that terrain script out later tonight. ;D

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