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I had been thinking about this for a while, my only wish is to get permission when my work is being posted somewhere (I rather not to because I can’t keep track of them in case I made mistakes). However, someone said that I don’t even own the rights of my own work, as an artist, this is demotivating, it makes me lose patience or will to do free work like I used to. I would like to thank someone for killing my already shaky motivation to help the community by providing resources and helping with support in Yanfly Channel.

Here’s a small guide about copyright. So please read it before reposting artist works.

I was planning to do a huge update, but I have lost all will. I will still keep the resources here of course, and if I feel like it I might update. But meh. I did love the community but somehow I feel like I need to regain that. Just because we can try to make as much resources as we want and do art to let out frustration or show our excitement, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want respect on what is being done to them. Don’t give me bullshit to add watermarks on supposed to be FREE RESOURCES, that wasn’t the point. My keyword here is Respect. You can defend all your points as much as you want, but it doesn’t change the fact we worked off our time, sweat and blood to make these resources hoping to help people in their games. 

The lack of respect to others – Fomars scripts, Indrah’s stuff, Luna/Cel and other people I know like the restaff and whatnot – man I don’t even know what to say.


I had been avoiding this guy for a while now but it’s hard to ignore him when friends bring him up all the time and his posts. And now I am just sick and tired of it. I’m taking a longer vacation now or probably a permanent hiatus. Dunno.

I have always thought the actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.


14 thoughts on “Motivation and Free Resources

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling so down Nessy. Just know that there are a lot of people who love and respect both you and your work out on the wide world web.

  2. Disappointing but understandable. I just looked over at the conversation that was taking place and it is a shame. I’m not actively working on any projects – time’s been a killer on that front, but I always try to reference back anything I use. It takes time and effort to make anything – code, images, music – even maps or story – and I agree that it’s respectful – and the minimum really you should do – to reference back to the original creator. You have some very nice works on here – I like to poke by every now and then just to see what you’re working on, even though I don’t have a project in the oven currently. I hope that you find your renewed interest at some point, because I like seeing what you come up with, but more than that I hope you realize that your efforts are appreciated. :)

  3. The rpgmaker-italian people all support you! What “Apple(s)vine” is doing is just a copy&past work to say “everybody look at me, I’m great!”, using other people’s hard work. We cannot forgive this!

  4. Archeia_Nessiah, I know it is hard to see people disrespect your work, but you can’t let this stops you from doing your art. It’s like saying you are never going out of your house because someone might rob you on the streets. There will always gonna be some stupid people who will do stupid things, but they can not prevail and if you stop because of them, they do.

  5. Wow, reading this made me sad, and then I clicked on Martyr’s blog link and my sorrow turned to anger… What kind of a prick disrespects people who put time and effort into making art and then give them for free!? Holy shit, I just want to punch him and his little sidekick Magnus.

  6. I never understood douche bags like that. Its not that hard to setup a link to good websites and say “Hey this person has good stuff…” You do amazing work and the whole community will end up suffering because of this jerk. I’ve spent a good amount of time just looking at your artwork, but I understand losing motivation, I’ve had a hell of time getting that myself.

  7. Please sheer up and the only way to fight back is to stay motivated and continue what you love because people will realize that you’re the real thing and so that you deserve respect.

  8. I kind of understand where they’re coming from, they’re implying because the stuff here the faceset emotes are edits of the RTP materials, right? That being said, I still think the way they are acting is both uncalled for and highly offensive. You should spank their bottoms and just ignore their existence. Many people love the things you do and many people respect the numerous resources you release, out of kindness of your heart free for the community to enjoy. Please do not let few sour apples ruin the pie for you. There are far more people supporting you than there are people who support butts like this.

  9. Unfortunately, the world is filled with douchecanoes who do nothing but go around kicking puppies. They can be tough to deal with but I’ve learned that if you want to do anything in the world and especially online, you have to figure out a way to handle them. I would ignore this guy because he probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I certainly appreciate the work that you and others to help the community. Like Drbigt says, don’t let a few bad apples spoil your fun.

  10. You should never let other people dictate to you about your work. If you put time and effort into producing original artwork, then you own the work in question. You have full intellectual copy-write over it.

    Just because some people don’t like that, doesn’t invalidate it, and breaking the law so openly can just as easily be prosecuted.

    If you’re allowed to alter something, then the rights of the new work belong to you entirely if you’ve fulfilled any terms laid out by a license. It’s plain and simple. The original rights remain on the original work too, so it’s just as illegal to claim something is free just because it’s a variation of the original work, even though the variation might have broken the law by not fulfilling the terms of the license agreement, that work is illegal to own.

    So hey, you’re fully in charge of your own artwork. Don’t let idiots dictate otherwise.

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