SquallStorm requested a Mimi Battler Cut-in.  Just check the Mimi page. Once again, I didn’t copy the pose exactly. Only because I think Mimi fits the stoic coldness approach, I’m gonna tear your ass, posing, without any effort on her part. Sort of thingmajing. Enjoy!

HA! I actually did requests *gasps*


4 thoughts on “Mimis

  1. This is not going to sound as eloquent as it normally would, but Nessiah, this is just incredible. You captured Simetra perfectly in this. That description IS Simetra. At one point in the original script, my main character and another are trying to ram a door in, and Simetra literally freezes the door and punches it, shattering it, saying something similar to, “Kain, you’re able to use anima as well as strength, so do so. How can this man be my brother?” I just…. Its perfect, and I would really enjoy seeing your art in a triple A JRPG title one day very very soon.

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