Tutorial Requests

I’ve been getting this for a while now, mostly how to draw and fit it to the RTP. I’m just wondering how to do it.

  1. Should it be in a livestream session first then upload the video in youtube?
  2. Should it be a full voiced video instead and just uploaded?
  3. Should it be a written tutorial?

Another thing I was thinking:

  1. Do you have a tablet or do you use a mouse?
  2. What art programs is the majority willing to use?


8 thoughts on “Tutorial Requests

  1. Live-stream would be awesome, but I think having the vid uploaded in general would be of greatest benefit. I know I’d sit in the live-stream because I’m impatient, lol. Yes it should be voiced, written tags could be supplemental!

    If anything, please touch on tablet settings/sensitivity settings. Not sure how to go about this too well.

    I use Manga Studio 5 now, but PS, Paint.NET, Gimp, and De-pixed have been my gauntlet of sorts. Looking forward to it!

  2. Hmm… A voiced video with some text (for non-english people with some difficulties to understand english, like me) would be great. I use a Mouse and Photoshop, but tons of people use Tablet and SAI, I see.

  3. hmmm… I prefer it to be written, if some people can not understand the pronunciation at all (like me xDD) and i use tablet and the paint tool sai for draw~

  4. i prefer text too.same reason as elserch above. i use mouse and photoshop.(since i’m not actually an artist but i do design some signboard etc. so in ace i mainly frankenspriting only)

  5. First:
    I like 1 or 3 :)

    1) I use both ^^. Most of the time mouse cuz I do pixel art and my sister uses my tablet a lot.
    2) I use gimp. But I could ask to use photoshop. I could also use Paint Tool Sai, but I use gimp most of the time

  6. I would prefer a written tutorial with a step by step of the making of. A video is a nice thing but I would like with subtitiles since english isn’t my first language.

    I use only photoshop and a mouse.

  7. I think a livestream would be pretty cool. That way folks can join and comment, asking questions if needed.

    As for tools, I use a tablet (Samsung S7S) and usually Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro. I do have Sai as well, but I rarely use it.

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