New Layout and Script Updates

Hello everyone!

For those who haven’t been on the blog for a while, I have changed the blog theme and layout. There’s also cute stars now by the lovely Gasara! I have massively updated the script section as well with tons of new scripts!

Of course, this isn’t the biggest news of the day, the attention really goes to our new project, the Luna Engine. How about checking it out and leave us a comment?

Layout by MirageV, Actor and Battler Graphics by Kingdrom Rise and Fall.

We’re looking for artists to beta test the Luna Engine. If you’re interested, please leave a comment here with your e-mail and we’ll discuss further information.

I will also be updating the site soon with new pages and new materials, stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “New Layout and Script Updates

  1. I really love the new design of the division heaven page :D The most important detail is the banner, i really love this :D And i have a question: This chibis, where can i find them? I really love them :D
    Thank you very much Archeia :D And the best of luck in you scripts, drawings and projects
    See ya :D

      1. Thank you very much for the reply Archeia :D I really love your draws, if you can make a chibi of Eric (Actor 4-1) i really appreciate it :D Thank you very much again :D

  2. Hello! I’m new here and am very impressed with your work! ;w; I look forward to more of your games >w<

    I am also an artist but I'm not sure if you were interested in a sprite artist or an anime artist.
    (I'm just an ordinary anime artist ;-;)

    Anyway, I hope that you have a nice Father's Day :D

    1. Aw thank you, I hope my Dad’s Father’s Day would go well as well.
      But I’m curious what do you mean by interested in a sprite artist or anime artist? I love art~
      (p.s. nice gallery)

      1. You’re welcome >w<

        Oh, I saw that you were looking for artists to beta test your Luna Engine ;w;

        (Awww, thank you so much, I'm honored ;A; My art is nowhere as awesome as yours, Archeia)

        I finally got the courage to talk to you, but um…I'd love to draw any of your characters as gifts, if you'd like ;w;

      2. Ohh for beta!

        For the beta testing, we just want you to try it out and do whatever layout you wanted for the battle’s HUD. Like the menus and stuff, it all depends on you! We are making these stuff for people like you who wants to change the look of their game as easily as possible! It can be pixel or hand drawn, we’d love to see what you can come up with it~

        But aw, I think you’re a great artist especially on the painterly style ;v;

        And eee I’d love to see it, I always squee over …fanart. I’d be so honored! ;-;

        (am I scary to talk to? D:)

  3. You wouldn’t by any chance still be accepting beta testers for this, would you? I only found out about this just now and I’m really interested in it, but if you’re not accepting any more beta testers, no big deal. Considering that was almost two months ago I think. xD

  4. I know this may be late, but i’d love to beta test this!
    I’m extremely interested in this… an I already showed you the window graphic I made over twitter ^_^” I just found this post too… bummer.
    If you do let me beta test i’ll make something really interesting and show you~

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