Luna Engine and Updates

Hello everyone!
I’ll be adding an XP actors section soon. It’s just thinking of a layout for the material page is hard for me right now. Sorry about that! If you want to see our latest one though, we already released one for Restaff. The character is Dorothy! It’s a collaboration between Me and Scinaya~

And we have more Luna Engine updates!

v3 (2013.06.18 – 16:02):
Compatible with YEA – Battle Engine and Symphony
Notes: Put YEA – Battle Engine on top, then Luna, then Symphony.
Fixed Escape crash.
v2: Fixed states bug
v1: Finished Core.

And finishing off this post with two awesome Let’s Play Series by NicoB! You guys should totally watch him, they’re hilarious as heck! Especially Witch’s House as it goes on. He also takes requests on playing games~

8 thoughts on “Luna Engine and Updates

  1. That seems awesome, I was just thinking, you are really devot to this :O
    I like it, even if I just grab it and can’t help cuz’ don’t know anything xd

    1. I got tired of people using Yanfly Battle Engine HUD or Mog because they can’t edit their own ;w;

      And me and my friends have issues with HUD too, so I thought something like this will help ;w;

      And thank you~ I’m glad you like ;v;

      1. I’m sure they will ;) We must advertise him more :3 Lol I spent the whole day watching SSP lets play along with The Witch’s house Let’s “cry”. The horror in that game was so random, and his comments about it XD Mona Lisa Murder LOL

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