Luna Engine Update

I had a talk with the very lovely people, Neon Black and Fomar0153. Both of them agreed to make their scripts compatible with Luna Engine. We’re still on heavy beta testing phase as well as being bombarded with so much work. BUT, here’s a GREAAATT present from the awesome Neon Black.


As far as I know, There is a CTB and ATB by Neon Black and Fomar has an ATB.
and that’s my news for the day.

6 thoughts on “Luna Engine Update

  1. When is this going to be done, If it was beta tested twice, doesn’t that mean it’s good enough for a lite version yet?
    I’ve been waiting patiently for a few months now for a decent UI. x.x

    1. It’s not “beta tested twice.” It’s been under beta for a while now and we have a lot of flakey people and a few dedicated ones. There’s a lot of potential bugs in this script that we’re not seeing due to customization. It’s so massive unfortunately. Even if we were to release a lite version, there’d be some stupid bugs in there since we have to test every single thing. Especially since our testers are very quite few and limited. Some can’t even get past the initial phase where I ask they should finish their graphics first.

      1. I was wondering if i could fill in for these ‘flakey’ people? I have skype and can finish a UI in about 30 minute… not to brag. But if I could help, you know where to find me~

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