10 Crazy and Unusual Book Designs

This is pretty awesome :0


Recently, we found out about a cookbook that you can actually eat after you’re done reading the recipes inside, which to us sounds pretty much like the best idea ever. Inspired by this elegant and — let’s face it — kind of crazy book, we went hunting for other wildly unusual book designs, from the edible to the mechanical to the technically alive. True, we mostly think all books are little objets d’art, but these go above and beyond the normal standards, each one an innovative and interesting piece of design as well as a functioning book. Click through to check out our gallery of some of the most crazy design ever to be applied to books, and let us know if we missed any cool ones in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “10 Crazy and Unusual Book Designs

  1. Que mané livros, cade o Script? Já faz um tempão que tô esperando, não adicionei nenhuma hud ou customização no menu de batalha só porq estou esperando o script de vocês, poderiam postar mais updates dele né? (não levem na ofensiva, minha intenção não é essa)

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