Dark Alice and Green Brenda

No, we’re not done with Luna Engine. There’s still tons of things to do and I have work deadlines. Instead have some art where I totally wasted time because I wanted to have an outlet and I’m tired of doing correct anatomy and some such -w-)

The first one is from RMW where someone requested a Green Brenda. Unfortunately, I totally confused their avatars and couldn’t read so I ended up making one that wasn’t necessary. But hey, someone here might find it useful.

Someone requested this in RMN. So I thought, oh hey, why not. Luckily he also direct linked on the image, so I managed to find out who made it. The character is originally from Soramani Kagome Kagome and enjoy the faceset+portraits. This is the rar file including a bonus PSD =w=)b

2 thoughts on “Dark Alice and Green Brenda

  1. Nicely done. I also hate to have to do something a certain way. It restrains freedom which art and game creation is all about. Hope you are to able get some more free time soon.

  2. where can I find the sprite for Dark Alice? I found a sprite but when I tried to use it, it wouldn’t give me the square only a rectangle when I tried selecting the graphic

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