Quick Update!

Hey guys,

Yami’s website, Symphonyan/Symphoria is down for the moment. Stuff happened. For those who want to access Yami’s materials, head over the Github and get them there for the time being! The Manual can be accessed over here.

I’ve been getting some inquiries about Luna Engine, I know we’re taking a while but it’s just that massive the script is confusing our testers with the explanation of the commands. We’re still trying to nail how to make it really accessible!

And a Work-In-Progress by rhyme. :D

There are missing features being currently implemented, but just a few to note thanks to the lovely rhyme:

  • The gold window doesn’t have much config options, and it defaults to VL Gothic instead of the system font.
  • Also options to use things like: normal_color and system_color would be really nice!
  • There is no option to create a Location window or a custom variable window?
  • There also seems to be no option to assign each window a custom windowskin.

So yes, as much as we want to release it, we do want to perfect it. Because believe me, redoing your configs is not fun.

18 thoughts on “Quick Update!

  1. Well those features would be really nice! Looks like it’s going to be a great package. Are those the graphics that are coming with Luna Engine? And are there going to be different types? I.e. Different sizes/shapes? I can easily make my own, I’m just wondering -w-

      1. Good to hear! :P Also, any news on Porcupine Princess? I’d like to play it on my youtube channel :P Also Valthyrian Arc 2! :D

  2. This is amazing. Have taken a hiatus from game making for a while hoping this would come to fruition by the time I got back to it. Looking forward to it as previously. Hopefully Yami’s site comes back up too. :)

    Thanks for the update.

  3. Also I would suggest as would be a simple solution for most people planning on buying: In the settings where you change the position, size, and graphic values add a description before saying ‘These settings change [this part] of the menu’ like the status window, “The window with the main party members or single member’s status(es)”. Just so no one is confused as to what is what. Also, explain where the X and Y values come from, such as from the top left of the screen or image being used :3 I’m sure the manual has all this, but it would be nice to have in the settings if someone is going for some quick edits or so that the window is not a complete mystery. (I know that this was a pain for me when I was learning what windows where what/where when I was messing with my own game).

    1. Yea, without any explanation the engine is tricky to figure out but once you learn how it functions you can pick up on it very quickly. I think the only issue I have ever ran into so far is with the skill configuration. For some reason setting the :Vertical to false for category cause a crash. Also, I’m sure this can be done but I have yet to figure it out but when working with the HP numbers, it would be nice to have the option to change the color based on hp%.

      Despite a few minor things here and there it functions pretty well. Everyone is in for a real treat.

  4. @ Kingdragoon32 (like the name btw) don’t know why the reply button is not functioning today so Ill just leave a reply xD. Is it o.k. If I add you in skype so we can cross reference a few things (like bugs)? I think it would be very useful for testers to share their findings. If you would like to my RM is also boldpaste2, you can PM me there.

    1. I would like that, but I’m not a tester xD I would love to beta test luna as it is now just to find bugs and stuff (because I have several layouts in mind that I want to test).

  5. @boldpaste2 xD No I just know what to expect from what i’ve seen (including Morphos Metaphor) and that it uses pictures with X, Y, Width, and Height like a lot of custom menu scripts use. I know a tad bit of scripting myself but not enough for what I’d like to do.

  6. May I suggest a compatibility with GTBS.
    There are alot of people out there want to make tactic-based rpg.
    so it will be really nice if luna engine work well with GTBS.


    1. Right now, we need to get Luna Engine out first and gather enough funds for anymore compatibility, etc. work. We spent an entire year on it already and we’ll never get done if we hold back and make them compatible with a lot of engines that are hard to work with.

  7. I finally discovered this! Luna Engine sounds really great. I like how you can make custom graphics for it, will definitely give this a go once it’s out ^^ If you still need testers, I would be glad to help out.

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