CTB Update Fix

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you to the awesome person who donated! I love you man ;-;

Here’s a new version of the CTB with some fixes! Please give a warm thanks to AwesomeCool and Yami-chan for all the help they gave! The script page is also updated. It fixes the following things:

1. If the enemy can’t make any actions it crashes (example would be a monster without mana thus can’t using abilities) – line 203 the error occurs due to current_action being nil.
2. States do not expire nor does damage tick from them.
3. Forced actions do not work.
4. Set an enemies agility to 999 (kept rest the same) and order didn’t change at all (at first it looked like it was going to till after the first action when the bar changed to its normal order)

Bug that needs to be fixed:

The order is sometimes wrong (I noticed this with the slime I gave various different skills to that all have different speeds set. Making me believe that skills with different speeds on one character will throw off the order bar).

Enjoy and Good Luck with your Indie Game Contest entries thingmajingers too!

8 thoughts on “CTB Update Fix

  1. It seems there is something wrong with the link. Whenever i clicked it, it instead leads me to a Page not Found. Fix the link or make a mirror like the previous version, perhaps?

    Although knowing it still bugged, I tried version 1.00
    While I like how the turn bar behave and it’s positioning, I think the text on the upper side that appear whenever an action is being executed need to be disabled or at least repositioned.

    And talking about Final Fantasy Tactic, this CTB is still missing spell/skill charging time(Lancer/Dragoon jump skill or spell casting period) But I guess it will be available in the future. Hopefully.

    Anyway, good job!

  2. Awesome script, I remember trying Seba Kan’s Ao no Kiseki script and it was pretty buggy and was uncompatible with lots of scripts, also Yami’s order Gaugue and same happened.
    This one works cool. Hoping for this “The order is sometimes wrong” bug to be fixed.
    And to report another that maybe it’s just me, so I report here for you to know.
    Skills like poison works in an akward way. It doesn’t take HP of the infected in player’s turn… it seems that happens randomly. I poisoned the whole team and wasted a lot of turns before some HP dropped. But then again, maybe it’s something in my scripts.

    Anyway, good job, I wish i had this crazy Script skills.

  3. I’ve been getting an error when I press cancel in the main part of the battle menu. It works fine when I cancel out of the skill/item/target windows, but always crashes in the main one. I have this problem even without adding in scripts outside of the demo or editing anything within it. This is the error message http://puu.sh/a6etq.png.
    Aside from this and the poison Juliosan mentioned, it runs great for me. Very well done!

  4. I’ve test your script + YEA BAttle Engine and got this error:

    YEA – BE’ line 2265: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘active’ for NilClass

    Any way to make it work?

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