Subterranean Starfield Version 2.0 is out!

Finally! After so many sleepless nights and hardcore testing, the full version of Subterranean Starfield is out. There are bound to be bugs and issues but fffs, we tried! Thank you Dalph and Konrad for the intense testing, we really appreciate it! Download it over here~

Enjoy the adventure in the depths of the starfield.

14 thoughts on “Subterranean Starfield Version 2.0 is out!

      1. Thanks! Here is what I’ve found so far:

        · Is the framerate locked at 24 FPS outside battle? This is just a doubt.
        · I feel like the playable character’s design is too good for disposable characters. I mean, the characters do look good, but they look too important. (This one point is very much personal).
        · The transition from one place to another looks weird. First I can see the whole screen, then the transition effect takes place.
        · When the transition effect takes place, the text displayed at the bottom of the screen makes the display a bit too congested if you have the actors’ windows open (
        · If you open the menu when you the transition effect is taking place, when closing the menu the text at the bottom will disappear.
        · It is not really clear what items I can or cannot pick from the ground (
        · The environment looks really good and clean!
        · The “radar” at the bottom left corner is really nice. Reminds me of a Gust game (Ar Tonelico, I think?).
        · The enemies have a really cool design! Although I’m not too sure it fits right with the game, I like them nonetheless.
        · In battle, I feel like the info given at the top of the screen plus the numbers displayed when taking damage/being healed are giving me a bit too much info.
        · When killing an enemy by dealing damage, both the damage and the “Death” text appear at the same time in the same location, makes that spot a bit too congested.
        · Don’t have a screenshot right now, but I recall picking up some items in the ground from supposedly high ground.

        And… that’s pretty much it  ・w ・

      2. Hello! Thank you very much for the feedback :D

        1. It seems that some people are getting lags. Rhyme and I have strong PCs so it never bothered us, so this is of concern ;w;

        2. I feel the same since I had a story in mind for them when I drew them. But my partner didn’t want that and wanted them to remain as silent. So they are ‘wasted’ designs so to speak ;w;

        3. I see what you mean there, we’ll see if we can fix it!

        4. I think that was intentional on rhyme’s part but I’ll ask.

        5. Yes, it’s how RM works with pictures. I don’t know if there’s a way to fix that. ;w;

        6. Ah yes, that was a complaint we had. You don’t really pick them up and you just walk over them. It had a mixed feelings in regards towards the testers but we’ll try to make it a lot more obvious!

        7, 8, 9. Thank you! <3

        10. For the battle, the Battle Log serves for people who have a hard time keeping up with battle popups.

        11. I remember saying something about this to rhyme but we never got into it XD

        12. Oops, we'll check that one out!

        Thank you again very much for playing the game and for the feedback! We'll try to fix all the issues asap!

      1. Haven’t finished the game yet, but here’s some feedback:

        · On the dual-classing character selection screen, using the left and right arrows won’t work. Instead, using the up and down arrows changes the selection (I assume it has something to do with the classic menu layout?)
        · I have only got this once, but some text is displayed outside message boxes (
        · Not really a bug, but I think the characters should be able to get closer to the counter (
        · The critical mod display is kinda… (

      2. Hey there and thanks!

        #1 I didn’t know you can use up and left, I do know that it’s supposed to be Q and W (Page Up and Page Down).

        #2 and #3 Oops, will get that fixed.

        #4 We tried fixing that but it seems to be an internal RGSS3 bug.

        Thank you again :D

      3. #1 – I meant in this screen, when asked which character is going to be dual-classed. The Q/W keys don’t seem to do anything, only the Up/Down arrows seem to work.
        #4 – Can’t you round the value display it to a fixed amount of digits? Say, 4 decimals?

  1. Here I am again. This time, though, I came here to rant more than anything.

    · Sometimes, in the aftermath scene, a blank space will be where an item that I assume should be displayed (
    · Level 7 was an incredibly, humongous, giantic bitch.
    · For normal difficulty, I feel like it’s too common for a character with a certain weakness to get one-shot by normal enemies that use that certain type of attacks. Like, I have to be constantly saving & loading because sometimes an enemy will just delete a character.
    · The jump of difficulty from the first boss the second one is abysmal, at least when trying to ExClear.

    My rant about the second boss:

    · Heals itself for quite a large portion of health, I don’t how often (when he doesn’t have his Demon Rage buff on?).
    · Hits as hard as a truck. Will probably always kill a physical-weak character in one hit once he has its Demon Rage buff activated.
    · Don’t exactly know what its Demon Rage buff does, but I know it CAN’T be dispelled.
    · Lands critical hits way too often. IMO, critical damage isn’t really healthy for enemies to have, because it easily messes with the player’s calculation of how much damage they can take without dying. This is specially true when character resurrection is not possible. And furthermore, all of my characters -except for the tank guy- die when a critical is landed.
    (TL;DR: Crits my ass off really hard).
    · Panic lasts five turns. Five.damn.turns.
    · I have a tank guy (Defender?). I use Provoke. The boss laughs at me. Beats the shit out of my other characters.

    1. Now some real feedback:

      · It seems all selection scenes coming from the Dual-classing guy have the same problem I mentioned before (can only select from different characters using Up/Down keys).
      · After resting, sometimes a character’s status window won’t appear at the bottom of the screen.
      · Why do mace weapons grant magic attack? They can only be used by the Berserker subclass, and at least my mage character can’t use them innately. I considered dualclassing Berserker on her, but I don’t think being able to use such weaponry compensates the loss of caster stats and/or the other skills the Arcanist subclass grants.

      I may have been complaining a lot, but I am having fun nonetheless. Managed to beat the second boss, btw.

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