RTP Redesigned!

Ahhh I was waiting for my contribution to go out in the 12 Hours of Christmas in RMW (check it out yo! Free RM resources!). I didn’t expect my contribution would be on the 12th hour but I digress! Here are the free resources! I made some full sketch bodies but I think I’ll transform them to chibis later. Just remember the following to credits!

Artwork and DS Credits: Archeia
RTP Sprite Version Credit: Avery

13 thoughts on “RTP Redesigned!

      1. Also before I forget. You were so right about drawing from real life. I must have drawn some people’s faces about 40 times but each time I did I got better. I now have a better understanding of to draw anime style faces especially where the features go. You really do have draw from reality otherwise you miss the concepts needed to draw faces in anime or manga. Thanks!

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