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  1. Hope I’m not necroposting here. It looks like you have some good aspirations there. I would like to learn Japanese so I could read manga(mainly the ones I own) and play Japanese video games. This country does not get a lot of their releases. Good luck with atlus. You should probably send them a sample reel of your works. If someone wants to commission a script out of you or someone else they should give a modest donation because you are taking time out of your busy schedule to do something nice free of charge for them. Rpgmakerweb should have a place for donations. Goodluck!

  2. How do I email you regarding a request to use the graphics non-commercially and for my own leisure?
    I’m relatively new to RMVX Ace, and I adore the busts, no matter how weird that just sounded.

    1. In my terms of use, the graphics can be used commercially or non-commercially as long as they’re made in any RPG Maker Engine and you own the VXAce License (which is by buying RMVXAce).

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