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Not everything I post in this site is allowed to be used. They have to be listed under the Materials list and in a respective page for the Terms of Use to apply. Otherwise, ask me first.

This site contains edited works of RPG Maker resources as well as my own. So there might be a bit of confusion. I will try to be as clear as possible.

  • Give Credit
    • Unless stated, please credit me as Archeia and please put a link back to this website. It can be in the ReadMe/Game Credits/etc.
    • Please read the resource descriptions to see if there’s another artist involved. They will have to be credited as well.
  • Send me a copy of your game.
  • Do not repost my assets without my consent.
    • The only exception is that if it’s for showcasing purposes. Even then, you shouldn’t need to repost all of my assets.
  • Do not distribute them in one huge mega download without my consent.
    • I rather that you just link to my website.
  • Can I use the resources outside RPG Maker?
    • If it says it’s from RPG Maker or based on RPG Maker design, you cannot.
    • If it says custom or nothing, please contact me first to avoid any legal issues.
  • Can I use the resources for commercial works?
    • These assets are made exclusively for game development.
    • Individual uses for marketing or other purposes/use cases not listed will be a case by case scenario, so feel free to contact me if you have a very specific question.
    • I retain ownership of all aspects of the original design and monetizing off these in any way is prohibited. For example, selling them as individual sets or as part of bundles, thus you as a contributor, cannot offer these as individual/set pieces of a commercial pack.
  • Can I use your assets for an adult oriented game?
    • Sure.
  • I am not liable for any destructive behavior that the materials could have caused you, such as, but not limited to, computer damage, incontinence, explosion of user’s head, coma, death, and/or halitosis.
  • I am not liable for any court cases that you will find yourself in for improperly using my materials. Please do not involve me in your potential illegal activities.
  • I DO NOT support hate messages and child pornography. Do not use my materials for those. Thank you.
  • For anything not covered, I reserve the right to adapt to the situation accordingly. Feel free to contact me if you have a specific question.
pencil about editing / modifying the materials
  • Can I edit the graphics such as: recoloring, redrawing, etc.
    • Absolutely. Just don’t say I did the edits and make sure to mention that the original came from this site.
  • Can I make a thread in some forum with my edits?
    • Contact me first and show me examples of your work in an email. We can discuss afterwards.
pencil Can i submit graphics based on your work?
  • Totally! Just contact me first please.
pencil Master Google Drive Download

45 thoughts on “Terms of Use

  1. Hi!

    Im going to use some of your works in my project. I will credit you as well. Congratulations for the excelent job that you all have done!

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, it has to be RPG Maker VXAce. You’re not allowed to use any of these materials outside of RPG Maker. You can use them in XP/VX/IGM as long as it’s not a commercial product (but that’s still going against the EULA) so in the end you have to buy a VXAce license.

      1. N00b question, but I have purchased the RPG Maker VX ace off of steam. Do I need to buy the license separate or is that included with the game?

  2. Hi …
    In your regulation is written that you can not do Megapack zip or another of
    your resources. But the same is prohibited uploadarle individually (I mean like a gallery)?

  3. “No reproduction or republication (aka posting the edits we made) without written permission”

    Doh, I just noticed this. I thought since they were edits of the RTP that we could freely edit them if we’ve purchased the RTP graphics. Anyway, I posted some franken/recolors here:


    First off, I’m sorry for posting edits without permission. Do you need me to pull them down?

    1. *facepalm*

      Nevermind, for some reason my brain was interpreting what my eyes were reading wrong. I thought it said “…(aka posting edits of what we made)…” and was like ‘Oh noes!’. Obviously I didn’t have enough sleep last night…

  4. “•I am not liable for any destructive behavior that the materials have caused you, such as crashing projects, sicknesses, death, and so forth.”

    How often has this happened, people getting sick from your scripts? *cough*…uh oh, I might be getting sick… -_-

  5. Hey! Your graphics are amazing, It’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ve putting together a lot of materials from the actors of Ace, yours too, and I was wondering if I could post a Winrar pack in the forum I am part of, Centro RPG Maker, it’s Brazilian. Thank you for your work, abraço! \o

    1. Hello, Please don’t include my files. There’s a reason for this. Not all of these resources are made by me, some are collabs or contributed by wonderful people too like Penta and Scinaya. I rather have it that the credits and Terms of Use are intact. I made this blog to host these resources and I rather have it that people go here and comment stuff, we barely get enough of those as it is :) Please just redirect them to this site instead.

  6. Hi Archeia :) I’m writing a post on rpgmakervxace.net about the importance of facial feature differentiation and just to be crystal clear, is it okay if I use pictures from Division Heaven to show facial differences? (ex comparing Emily from Porcupine Princess and the cover hero in your Materials). All credits go to you, EB, etc.

  7. So if I have already purchased RPG Maker VX Ace then I can use anything on your site for commercial purposes, so long as I credit you properly?

      1. Oh, well, of course! I didn’t mean literally anything. Thank you for your quick response!

  8. Hi! I am going to use your characters for my RPG Maker VX game. It’s won’t be a good game since I’m just learning but of course I’ll put you on the credits and show you stuff if ever it gets longer than 10 minutes HAHAHA! :D Your characters are awesome. I have edited some of them and can even show you if you like :) Again, thank you!

  9. I’m gonna use one of your characters to my RPG maker VX game. I will creadit you and all the other character makers. If you check out my game i’m sorry if you don’t like it, it’s my first RPG maker game after all :)
    Honesly i have some skins that i don’t know who made, so i’m asking everyone who plays my game to tell me if theres a skin they made, that i put in without permission so i can either change them, or ask properly for permission.
    Your characters are AWESOME!
    please e-mail me if you don’t want me to put some of your characters on my game :)

  10. Why is stuff from the Kaduki site rejected?
    Cause they have stated that people can use their work for commercial purposes.

    1. Because of difference in terms when this was posted. Back then it was not available for commercial use. And even to this day just to respect Kaduki’s wishes, I will not accept requests pertaining to Kaduki site.

  11. Would I be allowed to use the resources here for a commercial/non-commercial product as long as I credit the right person (You and anyone else you worked with on a specific project)?

      1. Well my main concern is on your Patreon you say for “Experienced Warrior” that your public resources would be available because I receive a commercial license.

      1. Ya me compre la versión completa de RPG Maker VX Ace ya los puedo usar legalmente sin algún problema

  12. I wanted to tell you that I use some of your add-ons in my project. I’ll put you in the credits to you and your website. When the game ends, I’ll send you a copy so you can see it ^^

  13. Hello! I will use your materials in my own free game, and they are well drawn. I will record the authors of the materials used in the game in a special thank-you table. Thank you for your contribution. The game vice will send it to you after the production is completed.

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