Actor 1 – Ulrika

queenofthenight Archeia Notes:

Ulrika is part of RMVX’s RUBYLOVE team. Surprisingly, her class is a Paladin despite being one of the least armored characters in the whole RTP. She is one of the most beloved female characters in the entire RTP set for being a badass. One of the games that features her involves punching bears. It got so popular that even a badge was handed out for pro-bear punchers. She also ran her own coffee shop called RPG☆Bucks where RTP characters hang out with fellow RMW members during Christmas. It was only open for a short time but a lot of shenanigans happened.

Another redesigned version of her is over here.


pencil Changelog

cont March 3, 2019

  • Redesigned, redrawn and recolored in VXAce style.
  • Created new expressions.
  • MV and VXA facesets added.
  • Repackaged the old set with the new set.

cont September 11, 2016

  • Added DS Styled Sprites

cont August 27, 2013

  • Added Profile view inspired by Persona 3/4.

cont February 19, 2012

  • Initial Release.


bookpreview Gallery Preview (Redesign)

cont 34 Expressions.
cont MV and VXAce Facesets.


bookpreview Gallery Preview (Old Version)

cont 6 Expressions.
cont VXAce Faceset.
cont Extra: Sideview Profile.
cont Extra: RMDS styled sprite

pencil Download Links

cont Main Download

pencil Supplementary Materials

This section is for other creators who also created assets for this character.

cont Vibrato’s Old Materials contains multiple poses and battle stances.
cont Momope has more expressions for Ulrika. They also made an FSM version of her! Slimmmeiske also translated their terms of use.




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  1. Legal O.O
    vou usa no meu jogo
    seus creditos e seus sites com certeza seram sitados

  2. Can you make an “emotion” one for her and all the other females? I’m making a game about them. But can you please do “Trefle” first because she IS the protagonist.

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