Actor 3 – Elmer

You can download them over here!

Battle Cut-ins
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Elmer-BattleCutin2 Elmer-BattleCutin4 Elmer-BattleCutin3

11 thoughts on “Actor 3 – Elmer

  1. Muito bom
    obrigado vai me ajuda muito essas Faceset
    mais preferia que foce as faceset pequenas ^^’

  2. Ok
    Archeia ^^
    you can make a battler Elmer
    using two swords?
    I’m making a game, and this character and the main
    my name is Veyzer ^ ^
    that you will be able to create something like this for me?
    I would be grateful

    1. Hello, first of all thank you for your interest and I’m glad you like the art enough to use it for an E-book cover. However, there is a problem with your request. The character is mostly Enterbrain’s design, so unless it is used in an RPG Maker Program, you’ll be violating their copyright. So I will have to sadly say no :(

  3. Is it alright to use these and recolor them so long as you are credited or will I need to make a request (sorry I’m posting so late)?

  4. The work you do here fantastic, just what I’ve been looking for to work on a project of mine. Thanks for using your skills to help the rest of us try and use ours :)

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