Actor 4 – Eric

  • 10/11/2016– Added DS styled sprite.


contCharacter Sprite



Download it here!

contBattle Cut-Ins
Click for full view!
Click for full view!

16 thoughts on “Actor 4 – Eric

  1. Hi ^^ Can you make a Battle cut-ins of this character without the axe? Thank you very much ^.^

    PS: Without background if it is possible

      1. But what i put in the blank space of the axe? The character have the fist closed XD

      2. I’ve read all your terms and conditions, if i need something i need to modificate myself, the colours, the graphic or the size :D

  2. Heya Archeia! I was wondering if you will be doing Sprites and more Emotion Facesets in the near to far future? If so that would be absolutely amazing :3
    P.S. I love your work!

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