Actor 5 – Isabelle

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Battle Cut-Ins

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12 thoughts on “Actor 5 – Isabelle

  1. Looks like that whiny witchy princess character you’d love to hate. The facial expressions just emphasize the haughty attitude I picture her portraits having.

  2. the battle cut in height (400) doesnt fit with ace default screen height (416).
    so there is some blank space at the bottom when i use it for Hi-Ougi like cut in, unless i resize my game screen height.
    a bit editing? my highness?

    1. I don’t purposely fill in the whole screen due to the widthxheight size, if I’m not wrong, the size of this pic is 600 x 400. There are many ways to use this.

      One of them is either you make a tales of cut-in backdrop with the flashy animation effects and make them appear in the middle of the screen.

      Or you can put the picture at the bottom and just let it slide across the screen.

      Here’s a video to demonstrate what I mean which combines both:

      1. thank you, that’s inspiring. is the cut-in in the video linked to the skill or separated? like the actor always make quote before the skill launches at every battle’s?
        oh, and i just realize the elicia cut-in and default faces boxes n sprites have different costume. i think i will use your bust shot then and edit the default sprite. (im a worst artist) XD.

  3. I think my Protagonist got a mother if ill make a game for the divide-arc… nice ^^

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