Actor 4 – Elicia



Princess Princess Version

You can download Elicia over here!

Battle Cut-Ins

Click for full view!
Click for full view!

10 thoughts on “Actor 4 – Elicia

  1. sir/miss yammy, im sorry for asking, but do you have elicia faceset? because bust or portrait not fit to the game im working on….sorry for the trouble and bad english

  2. im sorry, miss/sir nessiah, its like a single box with different face emoticon…
    like normal RTP face but only one actor with different face emoticon,
    once again sorry for the trouble…..

  3. Miss Archeia, if you don’t mind me asking, is there a faceset for the version shown in the portraits? (The Princess Princess version I think) Not necessarily with emotions or anything. It doesn’t bother me much if there isn’t anyway.

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