Cover Art Heroes


These are characters based on the RPG Maker Cover art heroes. Since the designs are from KADOKAWA/Enterbrain, they can only be used for RPG Maker Engines. Read Terms of Use if you want to use these materials.

The Magic Circles found in the Battle Cut-ins are from Obsidian-Dawn. You need to buy a commercial license in order to use images that uses a ‘magic circle’ for commercial works.


  • 6/20/2016– RPG Maker VX Cover Art Hero (Black Clad Male) has been updated!


contVX Cover Art Heroes
contVXAce Cover Art Heroes
  • Priestess
  • Cat Girl
  • Hero Dude
  • Sage Guy
contXP Cover Art Heroes
  • Winged Girl
  • Dagger Guy
  • Elf Girl
  • Mage Guy


13 thoughts on “Cover Art Heroes

    1. Haha, the thing is I had to ask permission from some people I had collaborated with for the custom materials. So you people can use it for commercial works. But it seems that both of them agreed so I’ll update them once I rearrange things.

      1. Someone could pass the link to download the sprite of this character?
        (sorry for my bad English)

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