Black Clad Male

Latest Version (06/20/2016)
Download over here!

 I have recreated an old art work from 2013 or so because of a user wanting to use it.  I felt bad that it’s very low res and bad. So decided to remake it. Now there’s 2 versions of this character. One is Teenager (looks like 16 years old or so) and an Adult version (one that looks like 20 years old or so). Please read my Terms of Use before using it. Enjoy!

Original Character Set

Credits go to Enterbrain

Gallery Preview
The preview is incomplete. To see the full set, please download the file!

VXCover1-Faceset-A VXCover1_Faceset2

Old Version (02/28/2013)
Download over here!


12 thoughts on “Black Clad Male

  1. Great work!!!! Just the character is missing and a you have a full portrait emotions player :D

    PS: You are awesome!!!

      1. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot :D I not heard about enterbrain site have characters to download, thank you very much, your designs are excellents, i don’t have words to thank you :D

      2. Someone could pass the link to download the sprite of this character?
        (sorry for my bad English)

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