AEA – Charge Turn Battle System

Charge Turn Battle System
Archeia Engine Ace

Allows players to have CTB Mechanics for their battle system!
A Charge Turn Battle System!
Without Luna Engine
With Luna Engine
How to Use
  # The default skill speed recovery. It's a percentage, i.e 50 means 50% speed.
  # Note: It doesn't include Attack. Attack speed is always 100 unless specified
  # in the attack skill's notebox.
  # The default item speed recovery.
  # The default guard speed.
  # The default escape speed.
  # Just type in: <speed: n> on skill notebox.
  CTB_SPEED_SET =/<speed:\s*(\d+)>/i
For the turn icons, you need to make two versions!
The Active slot should be “Character/Enemyname_BigIcon”
example: Ralph_BigIcon
For the small slots, they should be “Character/Enemyname_SmallIcon”
example: Ralph_smallicon
Version 1.02
Too many scripts. Download Demo instead.
Q: Is this compatible with Yanfly Battle Engine
A: …Not yet ;w;
Q: Is this compatible with the Luna Engine?
A: Yes! From what I saw so far.
Q: I found a bug.
A: Sob…I’ll try ;-;
Q: Can you add x feature?
A: Sob…I’ll try ;-;
Credit and Thanks
– Archeia_Nessiah
– Kread_Ex
– AwesomeCool : He’s totally awesome and did a lot of fixes and reports!
– Yami : For being awesome!
– NeonBlack : Helping me pinpoint a bug.
Author’s Notes
Free to use commercially and non-commercially.
Core script isn’t a basic module or anything, it’s the CTB itself. It’s separated from the main configuration file.

15 thoughts on “AEA – Charge Turn Battle System

  1. omg a new CTB finally ♥ thanks for sharing Archeia, Also I’ll be waiting for the compatibility with Yanfly :3

  2. Sweet cutie pie!
    Well, once it gets compatible with YBE then I assume it will be compatible with Symphony, am I right?

    1. It’s actually compatible with Symphony right now! (not this copy though). But I wanted to fix another bug before updating ;w;

      I am honestly stumped on how to make it compatible with YBE :(

      1. Im sure you’ll find a solution for it, you’re a damn good scripter.
        Good luck.

      2. Archeia y u no check Yami ancient PCTB, it was compatible with Yanfly, only that it had some bugs .-. and he dropped support

  3. Love the system. Icons are easy to add. However, I found…A BUG! I think…

    So if there is a combination of 6 or more battlers and party members in a battle at once, the system will not allow the battle. It does not allow the user to input any commands as it does not show the command window.

      1. I mean that if there are four party members there cannot be more than one battler on the field. Similarly, if there is one part member, there cannot be more than four battlers on the field. Should I send you a screenshot?

  4. Checked out your 1.02 demo. Found a bug. Getting a crash to desktop if I hit X at the very start of battle before anyone has moved. Here’s the message.

    Script ‘Game_Actor’ line 692: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘<=' for nil:NilClass

    Slime fight is alright but it happens in every other battle I go into, unless I perform an action before trying to cancel.

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