Cutscene Skip

This script allows you to skip evented cutscenes.

“This script still requires some testing and if you find any bugs or think of any way it can be be improved I would like to know. ”

You can download it over here.


Just put the script in the materials part of the script list and follow the instructions in the script.
This is an example of a cutscene event:

6 thoughts on “Cutscene Skip

  1. Great Work! Awesome script!
    This script works perfectly and it’s easy to use, too!
    Thanks for sharing and continue making such epic scripts!

  2. After testing out your script some more, I have some suggestions for features to add and some bug report:

    1) I noticed that when you skip a scene and the screen fades out, you have to press a key to make it continue. Is it possible to enable/disable this feature, so after you skip a scene and the screen fades you don’t need to press any key?
    if you don’t want to change this or you don’t have enought time, please can you tell me what to change to disable this?

    2) it would be cool to be possible to enable/disable the screen and BGM fadeout when you skip a scene (it is sometimes useful, but sometimes not)
    Like before, if you don’t want to edit the script just tell me what to do to disable it

    3) The conditional branch cutscene_skipped? doesn’t seem to work properly. Here’s how I configured my event:

    Text: This is a cutscene!
    Text: Cool!
    Fadein Screen
    Conditional Branch: Script: cutscene_skipped?
    Text: You skipped the cutscene
    Text: You watched the cutscene
    Branch End

    The proble is that every time (cutscene skipped or not) it shows the “You watched the cutscene” message.
    What did I do wrong? Can you fix this (if is not my fault) ?

    Thanks for reading and again Great Script!
    Answer as soon as possible! :)

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