Icon and Face Utility

Icon and Face Utility
Half a Life

This script merges or disassembles your icon or face resources automatically. Useful if you don’t want to spend most of your time aligning facesets or icons.

– Disassembles icons or faces to 24×24 or 96×96 parts respectively.
– Mixes Iconsheets or merge the parts above as a full sheet.


How to Use

1.) Extract the Demo into a folder.
2.) Open the Demo folder.

To Mix Different Iconsheets:
> Put all the sheets in Icon_src folder.
> Open the game and talk to the Icon NPC. Then select the MIX option.
> Check the demo folder again and you will see the merged sheets named as mixed_iconset.png

To Disassemble icons into parts:
> Put your main iconset.png in the main folder.
> Open the game and talk to the Icon NPC. Then select the Disassemble option.
> Check the demo folder again and you will see the icons separated in icon_parts folder.
> This is useful for XP users.

To Merge icon parts into a sheet:
> Put the 24×24 icons in icon_parts.
> Label them accordingly such as IconSet_xxxx (e.g. IconSet_0000, IconSet_0001) to the order you want them to appear in.
> Open the game and talk to the Icon NPC. Then select the Combine option.
> Check the demo folder again and the final product is named mearged_iconset.png.

To Disassemble faces into parts:
> Put a Faceset.png on the main folder.
> Open the game and talk to the Face NPC. Then select the Disassemble option.
> The face parts will appear in the face_parts folder.

To Merge Face_Parts to a sheet:
> Name your 96×96 faces as FaceSet_XX (e.g. FaceSet_01)
> Open the game and talk to the Face NPC. Then select the Combine option.
> All the images in the face_parts folder will be merged together and will be named as merged_facesetxx.png which can be found on the main folder.

Credit and Thanks
– Half a Life for the original script: http://www.tktkgame.com/
– Archeia and Nicolas for Translation.

Author’s Notes
Terms of Use from Half a Life:

使用報告は不要です。作品中のスクリプトの使用に関しては著作権表記も基本的に不要です。You do not need to report use. You do not need to mention any copyrights when using the scripts in games

非暗号化プロジェクトで配布する場合もスクリプト中の著作権表記を消さなければOKです。If you distribute unpacked project, please do not delete the copyright lines in the script.

Authorization to use includes Shareware, Commercial Products and Adult games.

You are authorized to customize and distribute the RGSS script, but please leave in the original credits too

If you only use a small part of the scripts, or change it so much as to be unrecognizable, you do not need to mention the original credits anymore. (Please enact reasonable judgement).

Can be used out of RPG Maker too.

Please do not customize the anything except the scripts (including but not limited to DLL)

If ever this site disappears for over a month, please feel free to redistribute the original

If this site comes back online, or you find out it only moved, please stop redistributing and link to this site.

The copyright of material in use are properties of their creators

Please follow the guidelines of the distributing site when you download.

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12 thoughts on “Icon and Face Utility

  1. Hmm…seems like a lot of busywork having to rename all icons in order for it to create a shhet.

  2. What is the dimension limit this utility has? There’s gotta be a limitation somehow.

  3. This doesn’t seem to work at all if the iconset is too big. it just fails and creates an empty file.

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