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It all started back when RPG Maker VX was released. My friends and I would always lament how it’s impossible to just drag pictures and make our mockups work like magic. No need for script hunting or bug programmers to do every miniscule edit to our projects because we couldn’t do it. With RPG Maker VX Ace and a small conversation in a private chatroom, we finally started work on it.

The Luna Engine is a project by Archeia_Nessiah and Yami, with the amazing help of NeonBlack and Rhyme. It is to create a series of scripts that will allow people to modify the GUIs present inside the game, whilst being easy to use and compatible with the majority of scripts. The Luna Engine took us a little more than a year (June 15 2013~July 2014) to develop, put through beta, make sample graphics for and write the manual. While it was a long journey, it was definitely worth it.

Due to its nature as a GUI script, it might conflict heavily with scripts that do numerous visual modifications. The Luna Engine works best for vanilla battle systems such as the Default Battle System or Yanfly’s Battle Engine due to its popularity, added features and user friendliness. Because of Neonblack’s involvement with this development, it should work with his CP Battle System. This should work with Sideview Graphical Enhancement Scripts like Battle Engine Symphony and Kread’s Animated Battlers.

We do not have plans at the moment to make it compatible with any other scripts aside from Yanfly, Yami, Neonblack and Kread’s scripts. Please don’t ask us for compatibility patches for any other systems because we won’t be able to provide them. We might attempt to add more compatibilities in the future, but for now, it is not possible.

If you would like to report bugs, please remember the following things before reporting:

  • You are required to at least be familiar with RPG Maker’s default function. An example scenario would be, if your test character’s skills aren’t displaying, then check their levels, etc. We had instances where people thought it was Luna Engine’s fault.
  • Make sure to test the scripts without other scripts to be sure it’s the Luna Engine’s fault.
  • Make sure to read this manual and/or reference it. Use CTRL+F or Find for any questions or about features you’re uncertain of.
  • You can ask for tech support at if this manual doesn’t answer your questions or if you found a bug.
  • For further updates in regards to the Luna Engine, you can check our Github or check the Luna Engine tag in Division Heaven.


  • Open the Script Editor (F11). Remember that CTRL+F only searches for items inside the present script. CTRL+SHIFT+F means it will search all scripts.
  • I recommend using Notepad++ (Free even plugins) or Sublime Text (Shareware) when editing scripts. They have flexible features and it could help you fix anything wrong with your configuration while checking for other errors during testing.
  • If you want to compare configurations with the demo scripts, Notepad++ has a plugin for it. Sublime Text has Sublimerge but costs $20. DiffNow is a personal favorite.

General Options

The list below just refers to the general options of the configuration script. It doesn’t cover everything and serves as a refresher or a short course of the options. Most, if not all, options found in the script are commented, so there should be no problems figuring out what they can do in case the manual doesn’t cover it.

  • :width – the width of the window or item.
  • :height – the height of the window or item.
  • :max_width and :max_height – these help the system find a value to center the contents shown in the screen.
  • :x – this refers to the X coordinate of the screen. This refers to the horizontal (left and right) axis. Negative (e.g. -1) values mean they would move to the left, while Positive values mean they would move to the right.
  • :y – this refers to the Y coordinate of the screen. This refers to the vertical (up and down) axis. Negative (e.g. -1) values mean they would move to the up, while Positive values mean they would move to the down.
  • :offset_x and :offset_y – these refer to how much you want to nudge the window display without affecting its base x and y. Useful for items such as GUI borders.
  • :z – this refers to the item’s display priority. Think of it as layers when you use an image program or when mapping in RPG Maker. The higher the value, the higher it will be drawn above other items.
  • :offset_z – this makes the item adjust itself by a specific value just in case you have drawn other items and want an item to remain on top.
  • :padding – this refers to the spacing between the window border and the window contents. The default value is 12.
  • :vertical – this helps the system determine if the cursor and contents should be displayed vertically if true, or horizontally if set to false.
  • :cursor – this is to enable or disable the default cursor.
  • :lunatic – when set to true, it will check the Lunatic configuration the user has set for that specific scene.
  • :background_variable – this option allows you to have multiple skins for your GUI. Remember that it reads it as a string (e.g. $game_variables[1] = “Menu_Green”) and set a different variable for each menu.
  • Another important thing to remember is that enemies and actors are referred to as Battlers in RPG Maker. So if you want to change anything related to the actor itself, it’s most likely in Battler_Status section of Luna’s Configuration Script.

Special Options

  • If you want to use Yami’s Battle Engine Symphony or Kread’s Animated Battlers, you should set animation_on_hud configuration to false.
  • When using Yanfly’s Free Turn Battle (FTB) set :arrow_battler in YEA Compatibility to true and if use spin command, :all_dir to false.
  • If you want to use the horizontal actor command, set :arrow_battler in YEA Compatibility to false.
  • If you want to change the battler options and it doesn’t work, try setting lunatic to false. If you are using lunatic, read the comments as you have to draw the names manually.
  • If you want to have more than four party members, go to Adjust Party Size by Archeia.



This is a sample version of what Luna Engine can do. It is highly limited but should give you a good idea on how it works. This is for Non-Commercial Use only.

If you want the Commercial Version, please get the Store Product!



99 thoughts on “Luna Engine

  1. I’m looking forward to this Luna Engine, looks promising. Also, is this going to have some CTB or ATB add-ons? Would be really great.

    1. Luna Engine only changes the Battle GUI. CTB and ATB add-ons are not included and better off commissioned. How CTB/ATB works depends on your needs and the scripter’s methods.

  2. This might solve my HUD problems! The one I’m using the gauges don’t work. ;_; The last HUD is amazing, and I would totally do something similar. :D

  3. Looking forward to this. Battle systems, or ones that effect the GUI in battles the most are what I’m so torn between now. As what I really want is the ability to move elements around. Great work so far! :D

  4. Is it possible to have HUD motions? I like how Moghunter’s HUD makes the faces shake on damage but it seems a bit complicated to pull off for someone with zero scripting knowledge. Kinda having that feedback in battle (like shaking) can really engage someone when they’re in the fight o:

    1. We can’t guarantee that right now because the script is massive. We rather focus on Yanfly, Yami, Kread and NeonBlack’s stuff for now. It’d be nice if other scripters could help on it.

  5. By the looks of the screen shots, you’re using Symphony Battle engine right? I hope I can use that battle system because I hate Victor’s battle system. Either way, I’m looking forward to this! :D

      1. What if i want to use Victor’s engine? I prefer his, i was able to wrap my brain around his and do all sorts of things.. i already know how to mimic a lot of battle engines from the 16 bit era.. so kinda would suck if i can’t use that with this.

      1. Good luck! Happy gobble gobble! And hope the Stuffage gets Sortaged Soonidge.


    1. Hopefully before Christmas?

      On Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 7:06 AM, Division Heaven wrote:

      > Ram commented: “I’m excited about this… Hope to see it soon! Good > luck and keep up the good work guys ;)” >

  6. Uh cool ^.^… I’m creating my battle hud with STR33g1_Battle Status at base… but is better if I wait this Luna Engine because seem more simple to modify than STR33g1 and can also change the command menu with image if i’ve understood correctly… good job (*3*)

  7. Hi Archeia! If you would like any more testers for the engine our team would definitely like to have a crack at it. We are planning on making a commercial game that will be centered around battle symphony and Luna engine. We would also like our scripts to be fully compatible with the engine as well. Is there a way for us to know how the engine works so we can avoid compatibility issues? Can’t wait for the release ^^.

  8. Is there any way to bind the gagues in the HUD to something other than MP or TP such as a variable

  9. Okay thats cool I will just set up a common event that sets my MP to whatever value the variable has just a little more work for me.

  10. Is it possible to to change the image used for the HUD in battle, for example I have a battle even set up that if a switch is on the show one HUD then immediately change it if the switch gets turned off in battle

    1. This is a GUI script, not a HUD script. The difference between the two is that GUI is interactive and appears on Scene_Battle while a HUD script would be not and appears in Scene_Map.

      1. Trying to achieve a perfect script if never a good idea.
        You’ll never trully create/fix something without public release, there’re things that even testers won’t find.
        It’s been months, almost a year and most people never had a chance to test what this looks like to be an awesome gui script.
        Anyway, good luck with it.

      2. Actually, there are people who already made games with the Luna Engine. :)
        It’s not about the perfect script, it’s about having enough features to satiate creative needs for artists :D

    1. Can you point me any game using Luna Engine so I can see how is it going?
      Because it’s really nice from screenshots but as you said, it’s still in testing phase.

      1. Lol, well…
        Here’s one from last year and extremely outdated. But it still works as it was:
        This one as well:
        Even this game’s demo for the GR event, but I can’t show it yet:

        This guy’s commercial game:
        Other vids:
        Other here:

      2. Ok, you got me.
        I gotta say, you did an extremely good job.
        Anyway, waiting for this to be done so I can finally buy/use it.
        Good luck.

  11. @Archeia Nessiah

    How is this project coming along? I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people by saying I cant wait for this to be finished!

  12. I think I’ll buy this. But is it possible for me to rremake the hanzos life line system he used in his game Valkyrie stories?

      1. so if i made the custom graphics or any graphics i wanted in general, how will i implement them to work using the luna engine?

  13. Question- If I buy the $20 dollar one instead of the $30 dollar, would it still be the same, and would I still be able to use it for commercial use?(I’m not sure if having a game where I ask for donations, but everything is free to get is “commercial”, but I want to be careful)

    1. Hi there Cosmic! The only difference is that the reason the other is 30$ is because of publisher fees. And yes you can still use it commercially :)

  14. Im tótally new on rpgmaker. I just bought this…but how i can “install” it? I have no idea, pls help me. And pls don’t say “tutorials” maybe i sound like a dumb…

      1. Can you pls made a tutorial on how you use this, maybe a video or a blog post? I mean, i read “tutorials” in the script, and i just simply don’t get it. I can do a single thing without having a crash screen.

  15. I’m using sample battle script from GitHub, and I have a problem with it. In configuration there is an option to set states to scrolling mode, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it somewhere. But this option does nothing – states are still, what’s more, I couldn’t find any call to method update_scroll within actual script, which means, that it’s probably simply ignored. Is it a bug, or a feature? And how to set states to scroll? :)

  16. I bought the Luna Battle System and updated the RPG Maker VX Ace with it but I have encountered a problem. As I was going through a battle test with 4 members of a party and
    noticed that the face pictures are going on a diagonal and can’t figure out how to adjust it
    to be in a row. How do I do that?

      1. I put in the new configurations for the scripts on the Luna Scripts but the same
        problem emerges. How do I adjust the created players faces to line up in a row when facing monsters and bosses?

      2. I was able to figure out how to get the main character’s HUD in the centre but how do I do it for the party members in battle?

  17. I am now registered onto RPGMakerForum. While reading the forum for answers, I found a user with the same problem as I had. So I followed your instructions as you gave him or her and it solved my problem. For that I thank you.

  18. Hi, I dunno if you still answer posts over here but… I purchased both RPG Maker VX Ace and Luna engine from Steam, and I can’t use Yami’s Engine Symphony for side battles, even though it is the only additional script i used.
    By can’t, I mean my game runs without problems?exceptions, but the actors dont show up…
    I read this: “If you want to use Yami’s Battle Engine Symphony or Kread’s Animated Battlers, you should set animation_on_hud configuration to false” but i cant find animation_on_hud anywhere…

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