Quick Travel

This script allows you to set quick travel locations that you can quickly go to in a map from a special menu.

You can download it over here.


Just put the script in the materials part of the list and follow the instructions in the script. To use quick travel in a map press A.

3 thoughts on “Quick Travel

  1. Would it be possible to have an example of the script call plz ?

    “add_map_quick_travel(name, map_id, x, y, dir, index)”

    1. add_map_quick_travel(“Midgar (East)”, 3, 50, 50, 8, 0)
      add_map_quick_travel(“Burmecia”, 4, 35, 42, 8, 1)
      add_map_quick_travel(“Cyan City”, 5, 11, 24, 8, 2)
      add_map_quick_travel(“Racoon City”, 6, 98, 33, 8, 3)

      (You need press the :X button to call it)

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