queenofthenight Archeia Notes:

Different from the rest of the RPG Maker series, they are the blankest of blank state. There’s no official equipment, biography, skillset, or whatsoever. There is an update that gives you a “default” database but I don’t consider it ‘canon.’


These are characters based on the RPG Maker MV heroes. Since the designs are from KADOKAWA, they can only be used for RPG Maker Engines with attribution to KADOKAWA. Read Terms of Use if you want to use these materials.

pencil Changelog
  • September 11, 2017 – Created page. Actor 1-1 Harold and Actor 1-6 Therese added.
pencil Legend

= Brand New
= Updated
UnderConstruction = Under Construction / Download Links are broken
“Name” = means that it’s not the official name.